About us

Italy 2011 - World angling championship

Finland has thousands of lakes in the country and we have plenty of eager fishing enthusiasts. We want to provide them with good quality and affordable fishing equipment.

All our products are designed matchangler and ice fishing competitioner Harri Lindberg, and they are long-term testing results. Our lures are manufacture by handmade and we working on them constantly with new improvements. Jigs are available in several different models, resurfacing and paintings.

We deliver our products to dealers in addition to towns and municipalities, fish clubs and fishing events. We can also organize fishing events according to your wishes and provide the necessary facilities there.

Close to our hearts are children and young people, where they can be close to nature with their hobbies. Fishing clubs are especially popular, with access to fishing equipment from scratch. Fun activities with many friends and good tools even more productive when the fish catch is guaranteed!

We provide pre-designed products and services to your needs. Ask for more information!